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Voice Over Services

Voice over processes receives much importance in professional services such as E-learning, Corporate presentations, product demonstrations, Training programs, and Instructional programs. Voice over services are sought when audio needs to be converted into a different language or text needs to be converted into a language. ‘Transcription Master’ offers eminent professional audio services as per client’s customized requirements. The script given by the clients are translated by a native translator into their desired language through a professional voice over an expert to meet the requirements.

Our Approach

Our expertise in voice over process are well experienced and always best outcomes for your requirement. We offer attractive materials with professional quality in an effective environment. We target on quicker completion of production of services and increase in sales with ease of utilizing latest software solutions for customized requirements. Our services delivered on time, and it helps you to launch your product in a better way. Internationalized standard has been the value proposition of ‘Transcription Master’ in handling voice over processes.

Business Value that you get by outsourcing Voice over services

Voice over services offered with native artists in required language with appropriate accent, sophistication, and effectiveness. Our voice over artist’s hail with experiences in media and advertising hence the processes are handled with utmost care to offer credibility to your corporate messages and also to attract the listeners. Our digital studio delivers top quality audio and editing services subjective to the preference of clients. The processed voice clips are converted as per the formats suggested by the clients and offered through audio CDs.

To Whom we serve

‘Transcription Master’ serves

  • corporate organizations,
  • academic organizations,
  • event management and
  • product developments.

The wide range of products offered includes

  • presentations,
  • documentaries,
  • announcements,
  • product endorsements,
  • flash presentations,
  • training programs, and
  • corporate programs.

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