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In the present highly competitive market environment, there is a dire need for organizations to market their brands, products and services to their customers in a manner that not only catches their attention, but it also influences them to make a buying decision. One amongst the many tools that can be effectively utilized for marketing purposes is through the use of videos. Videos can play a critical role in establishing and sustaining an integral brand identity while sending a powerful message to customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Our Approach

As an organization that is well versed with the dynamics of the market environment, ‘Transcription Master’ understands the need for strategic market positioning and branding and offers clients with best video services. With this perspective, we offer an array of video based services to our clientele. Some of the services would include; internal corporate videos, business marketing videos, website videos, etc.

Our Offerings

Internal Corporate Videos:

‘Transcription Master’ specializes in creating highly effective internal corporate videos. This kind of video can be instrumental in communicating the organizational vision and mission, highlight the key achievements and outline the future goals for the company. Considering the tremendous impact that such videos can have on the employees, we work in tandem with the CEO, product experts, and top officials to acquire their inputs with regards to the vision and future goals of the company and present it in a manner that is powerful and drives home the message.

Marketing Videos:

Being in the business realm ourselves, we understand the significance of marketing for market survival. At the outset, we extensively brainstorm with marketing heads and experts from your company to comprehend your key marketing goals and objectives. On the basis of the information gathered, our experts formulate a concept based on which our design team structures and creates a potent video. Marketing videos created by us not only makes an impact but will also be critical in augmenting sales.

Website Videos:

Website videos can be a key component that drives traffic to your website. The content of website videos is compelling enough to enrapture your customers. Depending on your specific requirements we can customize videos to outline the best that your company has to offer, create differentiation and highlight the USP of your company. The videos that we create are captivating as we include animation, interviews, action shots and much more.

Also, since we are in the digital era, we also extend services that help you to market your videos on several online platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. Simply said, ‘Transcription Master’ offers an unparalleled video service that can substantially boost your business and present your company in a new light to customers, employees, and stakeholders. We are committed to working towards helping you to achieve your objectives in a creative manner.

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