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Translation is the conversion of text written in one language to another. Translation involves the interpretation of the text in one language by identifying the meaning of the text, converting them into equivalent text in another language. The converted text should hold information that conveyed in the source text. In the translation process, the text requiring translation is known as the source text and the language of which it should be translated known as the target text. The constraints of both source and target languages should be taken into account while translating textual information. Specific language terms, conventions, the use of phrases and idioms should be familiar for the translator to effectively interpret and translate the text. In this context, a word for word mechanism of translating text is deemed to be ineffective.

Our Offerings

‘Transcription Master’ is dedicated to the provision of professional language translation and localization services. Our professional translation services offer the best in class quality documents translated with the aid of language experts we provide services such as

  • Spanish translation services
  • Portuguese translation services
  • Japanese translation services
  • Korean translation services
  • Chinese translation services

We find no hassle in the type of document you provide us. For all businesses requiring translation services to keep up with the demands of their clientele, accurate translation of the text is deemed to be a necessity.

Mistakes in translation may even lead to heavy business losses. Fields such as medicine and law necessitate translation often on court proceeding (law) and medical records.

Our approach towards translation is straightforward: Quality and accuracy with the essence of timeliness. At ‘Transcription Master’, we serve

  • Lawyers,
  • Medical experts
  • Students and researchers requiring quality services to cater their necessity.

Expertise at our end could serve any requirement: strong domain knowledge and are recognized by researchers all over the world.

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