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Captioning services

Captioning is the process of audio content transformation into textual content. Auditory contents from television programs, film, video, CD, DVD, and other live events are converted into text and displayed on the monitor or user screen. Efficiency in the captioning service could be identified through the specific representation of audio content such as sounds other than verbal text as captions. Also, an efficient captioning service should include synchronized appearance of textual information in line with the correct timing, and equivalent content is displayed similar to the audio content. Factors such as timeliness, accuracy, completeness and efficiency are considered in captioning. Also, captions should also be in line with the corresponding visuals.

Our Offerings

At ‘‘Transcription Master’’, we are instrumental in delivering high-quality captioning services at very affordable prices. We deliver captioning services to the ease difficulties of the deaf and communities with hearing disabilities. We convert the spoken word to information readily available to the hearing impaired community.

Our services are offered with 99.99 % accuracy for even complex projects, and your end product will be provided within the specified turnaround time. We can deliver the captioned video in any format you would like to have. We are advantageous over our fellow competitors regarding competitive rates and experienced captioners.Our staff are more than just mere captioners- they are experts and techno-geeks dedicated to providing proficient services.

Every process at ‘‘Transcription Master’’ is streamlined to deliver services on time. And this is how we define the turnaround time for each project.

We deliver end products in formats such as

  • Blu-ray,
  • FVF,
  • Cinema, and so on.

We provide captioning services to all types of videos, and our specific expertise is about the captioning of

  • corporate videos,
  • documentaries and
  • marketing videos.

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