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Frequently Asked Questions

How would I send my documents/files to you?

Please go to our website and choose your turn around package. You will be taken to the upload page of the cart. Please choose the file or file link you want to upload from your computer. You can repeat the process for as many files as you need to upload.

Will I be informed if there are any issues with the files?

We will inform you if there are any problems with downloading the files or audio quality, etc.

Do you accept physical materials, CDs, DVDs of files?

No. We accept only digital files at this point in time, please upload via our website.

What is defined by difficult audio quality?

The characteristics of a difficult audio file include background noise, static on recordings, more than three speakers with identification of each speaker being required, lots of voice overlapping, lots of technical jargon involving extensive research, faint audio recordings, strong accents, nonnative English speakers, very fast speech. If you have one or more of these present in your audio, it is pretty much guaranteed to be difficult audio. Difficult audio files can be transcribed, but it takes double or more the effort and time to transcribe them.

Can you help in converting my Audio/Video if its not in the format supported by Transcription Master?

Yes, we can help you with the conversion. Please Contact us with the details of your audio/video and we will email you as to how this can be taken care of.

Who can make use of a free trial?

Any person who is new to Transcription Mastercan avail the free 5 minute trial service. This service is offered so as to demonstrate the quality that would be delivered on the transcripts.

Do I still have to pay, If I have dead space on my audio?

No, it is not necessary to pay for dead spaces on your audio. However, we do have minimum duration and point of occurrences requirements for this which can be found in related FAQ.

How do you account if the dead(empty) spaces on the audio come up in between the recording?

If the dead spaces happen in between the recording, you can take the total of all the occurrences of empty recording on the audio and and update the cart with the actual play time duration. This will allow you to pay only for the actual audio duration that is being transcribed. However, please note that there needs to be a minimum of one running minute of empty recording each time and you will have to provide us with the start and end time of each dead space on the audio.

If my audio will be considered to fall under difficult audio category due to the fast speech, how do I know that?

If you have a doubt that the speakers on your audio are very fast, you can request us to check this at the time of placing your order. You can put in your request in the Extra Notes Section. We will check your audios irrespective of whether you make this request or not. If we find the line count is higher than 12 lines per minute of audio, we will intimate you of the same. We will bill you for difficult audio if you have not paid for the same already.

Is the price really per minute of audio or video?

Yes it is. We price on the length of the audio/video file we receive – NOT the amount of time it takes to complete the transcript.

Will you charge additional cost for difficult audio?

Yes, we charge an additional $0.65 cents per minute of audio/video which fall under the difficult audio banner.

What payment methods do you agree/follow?

Our payment gateway is integrated with PayPal. You can make your payment using a credit card, a debit card or a PayPal account.

If I have trouble making payment using PayPal gateway, What can I do?

In case you are having trouble making the payment using the PayPal gateway, try the following: Sometimes PayPal does not show the Credit Card payment option if someone else has used the computer you are using and made a payment using a PayPal account. Clear the cookies before trying again. If you are still having trouble, you might want to use a different computer to make the payment.

What payment options do I have on Transcription Master?

Transcription Master’s payment gateway is integrated with PayPal. A customer does not need to have a PayPal account to use the PayPal gateway to make the payment. All you need is a credit or a debit card.

What is the countdown for turn around time.

The countdown for turn around starts the next day after you place the order. For eg. if you have placed an order on a Monday, then the countdown starts from Tuesday. We do not count the day the order was placed for start of turn around time. This day is used to download the file and check it thoroughly for any issues before starting the transcription. We will send you an order confirmation only after the file has been screened and found to be free of any problems.

What affects the turnaround?

Even if your audio meets our minimum quality standards, audio with heavy accents, background noise, and/or highly obscure or technical content may take longer to transcribe and edit, to avoid this please take a look at our tips Tips for Quailty Group Discussion / Focus Group Recording

What are these two options – price per line and price per minute?

We offer to bill you for the transcription services either on a per line of transcript or per minute of audio/video basis. You can opt for either one of the options.

What is meant by price per line?

The price per line is for the price that you would pay for each line of 65 characters including spaces of the transcript.

Can I change my option which I chose earlier?

Yes, you can opt to go with one option to begin with and change the billing preference at a later date. However, you can make this change once in three months only.

How do you calculate the total number of lines in a transcript?

We would take the total character count of all content including spaces that has been typed out and divide it by 65 to arrive at the line count.

I have noted that you offer free trial for 15 days. What do you mean by this?

You can avail free trial for 15 days, i.e. two weeks, from the day you sign up for trial. You can place your free orders for 15 days and we will deliver the transcripts in the Economy @ 5 days package.

What are the payment options do I have?

You can make the payment either via check or direct transfer to our bank account using wire transfer or ACH routing.

If you offer transcription services directly into our EHR/EMR system, do you charge extra for the same?

No, we do not charge extra for transcribing directly into your EHR/EMR system.

Will you be able to translate the document which consists of lot of technical jargon.?

Yes, we can translate your document with technical jargon for you. However, this will be deemed to be difficult translation.

What are the source and target languages you support?

We support multiple languages. All of the languages listed below can be transcribed in the source language as well as translated from and to English. Contact us if the language you require translated is not mentioned below.

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • English

What security I am available for while I am uploading my audio/video?

Transcription Master is enabled with HTTPS protocol for additional security while uploading audio/videos. Transcription Master’s server is also a highly secured server.

Can anyone access my transcripts?

No. Only you can access your transcripts from your account and to do that you need to login with your user id and password.

Whether my transcripts can be searched?

The transcripts are search engine protected and not exposed to any search engine crawls.

On the off chance that I can’t transfer files because of any reason through the site, is there any other alternate methods for me to send the files to you?

Yes. If you are unable to upload your files due to whatever reasons, please Contact us and we will send you alternate upload methods.

Do you interpret verbatim?

We follow the intelligent verbatim transcription style, which means that we transcribe exactly as dictated, leaving out only the ums, ohs, and other mumblings. We also skip ads and music. If you require absolute verbatim or any other style, we are willing to do that for you.

What format of video or audio files do you accept?

We currently accept AIF, AIFF, AMR, AVI, DSS, DVD, DVF, FLV, M4A, MOV, MP2, MP3, MP4, MPEG, MPG, MSV, QTFF, RM, WAV, WMV and VOB
Please contact us if you find that your file format is not mentioned in the above list and we will email you either how to convert to a suitable format or alternate upload methods.

What is defined by time code service or time stamp?

When you request time stamp / time code service on your transcript, we will insert visible timestamps in your transcript at the beginning of the audio and approximately every 2 minutes thereafter.

Do you ignore the ads in the Podcast?

Yes. Our standard policy is that all commercial breaks, music etc from the audio will not be transcribed.

Do you provide a free trial?

Yes, we offer a 5 minute free trial. We will email the trial transcript the next working day from the day you upload the file. It does not matter what is the length of the audio that you send us, we will transcribe the first five minutes. Please use the contact us page on our website to request a free trial coupon.

What is a minimum duration of audio that is considered as a dead space?

Yes, you can consider audio duration to be a dead space only when it runs for a minimum of one minute or more continuously.

How do you account if I have dead(empty) spaces on my audio at the beginning and/or end?

If you have dead spaces on your audio either at the beginning or the end of your audio, then you can deduct the total duration of dead time and update the cart with the actual play time duration. This will allow you to pay only for the actual audio duration that is being transcribed. Please put in the request to start and/or end transcription from a particular point on the audio in the Extra Notes section while placing your order.

What sort of difficulty lies in the fast dictation?

The time taken to transcribe an audio depends on the number of words typed. The time taken to type out a dictation/audio which has very fast speaker/speakers on it will be much more than the average. Hence, if the speed is 20% above the average, ie. above 12 lines per audio minute, then we deem the audio to be difficult as it will take the transcriber that much more time to type out the content.

What will be considered as a fast dictation/audio?

The average conversion ratio of audio to text is 1:10; i.e. for one minute of audio you get 10 lines of text. One line of text is calculated as 65 characters inclusive of spaces. Hence, if the conversion ratio goes above the 1:10 ratio, the dictation/audio would be considered to be a fast dictation/audio. However, we do give a leeway of up to 12 lines per audio minute. Only dictation/audios having more than 12 lines per minute of dictation/audio will be deemed to fall under difficult audio category.

Will you charge additional cost for multiple speakers?

No, there are no additional charges for multiple speakers. Additional difficult audio charges will be applicable only if the audio recording is of poor quality.

Do you provide postpaid services also?

Yes, we do offer postpaid services too. To avail postpaid services, you will need to sign a purchase order with us stating the terms of service and payment. Please Contact us to request more information about this.

How do I make payment using the PayPal gateway on Transcription Master?

If you choose to go with the PayPal gateway, click on Checkout to proceed with payment. Please enter all the details for the Billing Information. Enter the Coupon Code if you have a valid discount coupon and click on Apply to Order. Click on
Review Order. Recheck all the details of your order are correct. Click on Back to make any changes. Click on Submit Order to proceed further. If you wish to pay using a Paypal account, enter your account details and proceed to make payment. You can also choose to Sign In as a guest and pay with your debit or credit card without using a PayPal account.

Whether the turn around time include weekends and holidays also?

No, turn around does not include weekends and holidays; it is counted in business days.

What will be the format of finished transcripts which is delivered?

The transcript is delivered as a MS Word document by default. However, if you require we could also deliver them in one of the following formats, namely, TXT, HTML, DOC, PDF or RTF. This will however have to be specified by you either via email/Contact us or in the Extra Notes section at the time of placing the order.

Do you provide a signed W9 form?

Yes, we can provide signed W9 forms.

What do I have to do to avail the EDU discount?

All you need is a valid .edu, .ca or a email id to avail the EDU discount.
I am a student/professional in the education industry. Do I get any special discounts?
Yes, as a student or a professional in the education industry, you are eligible for a 5% flat discount.

What does the price per minute mean?

The price per minute is the price that you would pay for each minute of audio/video.

Which will be the better option for me – price per minute or price per line?

The costing has been made based on industry averages. The cost would be more or less the same whichever option you choose to go with.

How the line will be calculated?

A line is calculated as 65 characters including spaces.

If I provide normals, will this get added to the line count?

Yes, we would add the content of the normals to the line count.
If you opt to go for a per minute of audio pricing, we would bill you for normals by line count.

Audio Star Rating Audio Description Transcript Accuracy
5 Star Clear Audio 98.5% to 100%
4 Star Clear audio with some pockets of distortion 98%
3 Star Fairly clear audio with mild audio distortion and disturbances, little
jargon/technical content
2 Star Fairly clear audio with mild audio distortion and disturbances, little
jargon/technical contentPoor audio, heavy accent, lots of overlapping conversations, multiple
speakers (more than two), audio distortion and disturbances such as
background noise, low recording, heavy jargon, etc
1 Star Very poor audio – hardly audible 50% or less

What is the billing cycle available to me?

We offer three billing cycles to suit your needs: Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly
If you require a billing cycle other than our regular cycles, contact us and we would be willing to work with you to come up with a mutually agreeable billing cycle.

Do you offer transcription services directly into our EHR/EMR system?

Yes, we can transcribe your recordings directly into your EHR/EMR system when provided with login credentials for the same.

Do you offer translation services in the handwritten format?

Yes. We will accept and translate the content in handwritten format as required by you.

Whether my audio/video will be available on file permanently by Transcription Master?

All audios/videos are destroyed upon completion of the transcription process. No copies are made of the audio/video for storage.

Will I get affirmation about my request?

You will receive a confirmation from us for your order within 24 hours of placing it. It will mention your order number as well as the date that you can expect your transcripts based on your chosen package.

How do you identify speakers?

We identify speakers as interviewer, interviewee, male speaker, female speaker, etc. with numbers added to distinguish if there is more than one similar speaker. If you require any particular method of identification, you are welcome to send us the details and we will incorporate them in the transcript.

Are there any differences other than turn around time ?

No. Whatever is the package, we give the same commitment to quality. There are absolutely no differences in the packages other than the turn around time.

What is meant bulk order?

Any order of more than 30 hours of audio/video is considered as a bulk order. The delivery of transcripts for bulk orders will be longer than the regular order.

If I so desire, can I have access to my transcripts at a later date?

Yes, you can have access to your transcripts for up to a year from the date that you have placed the order.

Whether uploading on Transcription Master has any file size limit?

Yes, please note that Transcription Master has a file size limit of 200 MB. If your files are of a larger size, please Contact us and we will email you as to how you can send us your files using alternate modes.

How can access the free trial?

Once you receive the free trial coupon code, please choose the Express @1 day package to upload your trial audio/video to us. Please enter “This is for trial” in the Extra Notes section while uploading the file or file link. At the checkout point, please enter the provided coupon code in the appropriate box, click on “Apply to order,” and proceed.

How do you account if I have dead(empty) spaces on my audio at the beginning and/or end?

If you have dead spaces on your audio either at the beginning or the end of your audio, then you can deduct the total duration of dead time and update the cart with the actual play time duration. This will allow you to pay only for the actual audio duration that is being transcribed. Please put in the request to start and/or end transcription from a particular point on the audio in the Extra Notes section while placing your order.

If I do not have the time to check for the dead spaces, can you provide this service for me and do you charge for the same?

Yes, we can check for dead (empty recording) spaces on the audio/video for you. We charge $0.15 per minute ($9 per hour) of audio/video for this service. Please make this request in the Extra Notes Section while placing your order. We will send you an invoice for the same.

What should I do to share a audio/video link with you?

You need to remember to share the link with as well as provide any permissions as required to enable us to access your audio/video links.

Rather than uploading the file, Can I share a audio/video link?

Yes, you can share a link to a audio/video.

If I don’t remember my username, is there any other way for me to log into my account?

Yes, you can still log into your account even if you have forgotten your username. Just use the email id you used to register your account and you will be able to log into your account.

Will you charge additional cost for inserting the time stamp/time code in the transcript?

Yes, we charge an additional $0.15 cents per minute of audio/video for inserting time stamp/time code in the transcript.

When will be the payment due?

Ours is a prepaid service. Hence, payment will have to be made at the time of placing the order.
Yes, your turn around will be affected if you choose to use an eCheck to make your payment. Ours is a prepaid service. Hence, countdown for turnaround and transcription of audio/video starts after completion of payment process. If it takes 3-5 days for your eCheck to be cleared, then countdown for turnaround will start after 3-5 days. If you require a short turn around, we suggest you use your credit card, debit card or PayPal account to make your payment.

What are your operation hours?

We are located in the PST time zone. You will receive a reply within 4 hours to any inquiry Monday through Friday.

How do you hand over the transcripts?

Once the order has been completed, an email will be sent to the email id used to place the order intimating completion. You can log into with your user name and password and download the transcripts.

What do I do, If I am unable to see any email from Transcription Master eventhough my transcripts are completed?

At times the email notification may go into the spam folder. If you have not received an email from Transcription Master, please check your spam folder.

Do you Sign NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) Or A Legal Contract?

Yes, we do sign non-disclosure agreements with people who request it. We have a regular non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement. Upon request, we will email the same to you. If this meets with your approval, we will send you a signed and scanned copy of the same via email. However, if you require us to sign a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement of your choice, we would be willing to sign the same. Please Contact us for more details.

What is the difference between price per minute and price per line?

When you choose to go for the price per minute option, you will be paying for each minute of audio that you upload irrespective of how many lines of transcript is generated. When you choose to go with the price per line option, you will be paying for each line of transcript generated irrespective of how many minutes the audio duration runs to.

If I give a template with header and footer content, does this get added on to the line count?

No, we would not add your header and footer information to the line count.

During a free trial, how many minutes of audio will you transcribe?

We will transcribe 10 minutes of audio per day for 15 days or 150 minutes in total split up into 15 days or less.

Whether the transcripts generated by you can be integrated into our EHR/EMR system?

Yes, we can format the transcripts such that you can easily integrate them into your EHR/EMR system.

Do you certify the transcripts and Why?

No, we do not certify the transcripts. Transcription Master does not certify the transcripts.

Do you charge me additionally for handwritten documents?

Yes. You will be charged additionally per word for handwritten documents.

What about the Transcription Master’s employees? How do you make sure the confidentiality?

All the employees of Transcription Master are bound by a NON DISCLOSURE/CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT to help protect the privacy of the customers. The company also signs a NONDISCLOSURE AGREEMENT with the customer if requested.

What other security features I am available for?

Additional security is provided by password protection; the better the complexity of the password, the better the protection.

Will my transcripts be available on file permanently by Transcription Master?

The transcripts are available online for a period of one year to the customer for ease of accessibility and download. The transcripts can be destroyed immediately upon receipt by the customer and request for the same. Transcription Master only maintains digital copies of the transcripts and there are never any hard copies ever.

What formats of documents do you accept?

We accept DOC, DOCX, TXT, RTF, HTML, PDF etc.

Whether my credit card or debit card information will be stored by Transcription Master?

Transcription Master does not store credit card or debit card information.